Pixel Cafe offers a full suite of retouching skills, from simple repair jobs to complex image manipulations.

We’ll start by capturing the best possible image at the highest level of quality ‘in camera.’ Then we correct any flaws that couldn’t be avoided on location, such as an overcast sky or cracked concrete on a driveway.

Want to change the product’s colour? No problem. Need to create a realistic image that never existed in nature? We can do it.

We can combine elements from two or more images to create a seamless composite in Photoshop, with light levels and shadows that look natural to the human eye. With over 40 years’ Photoshop experience in our team, we know every trick in the book.

We can also help you fix existing images that can’t be re-shot. Do you need to change backgrounds, re-format for portrait or landscape layouts, fiddle with the focus or adjust details within the shot? Bring your problem pics to Pixel Cafe and we’ll make them work. Professional advice is all part of the package. Have you ever tried to work out the dpi, resolutions, enlargements of your images so they display correctly in all media? With Pixel Cafe it’s all taken care of.