Some images can only be captured on location. It might be a state-of-the-art boat at the water’s edge or a convention centre at dawn. Perhaps you want to create a group portrait in situ or show people using your products in the great outdoors. At times like these, you need a photographer who can work fast, cope with the unexpected, and still deliver a quality outcome.

At Pixel Cafe we understand the value of planning for all eventualities. We bring a practised eye, able to frame and crop images to minimise the need for retouching later. We can adapt to New Zealand’s ever-changing light and unpredictable weather, so you’ll always have a choice of usable shots. And because we supply our own off-site equipment there’s no need to hire expensive accessories (or do without).

You’ll also benefit from our retouching skills back in the studio. By tweaking details, changing backdrops and removing distractions, you’ll end up with a realistic image that shows your products or site in the best possible light.