Digital Strategy & Management
Looking for a full-blown digital strategy that’s tailored to your business? We will work with you to develop an innovative and results-driven strategy for your brand. By leveraging the appropriate digital channels that suit your business, we can generate the desired results and brand exposure you want. We will help you create and implement this strategy across all digital channels including Social Media, Digital PR, eDMs, Video and Digital Content Production, SEM/Google Advertising and SEO/content management.

Social Media
Social media is key for every business, at Pixel Cafe we offer both social strategy and management services. We will work with you to reach your target audiences across all social channels and achieve your unique business goals. The opportunities for brands on social media are endless.

SEM/Google Advertising
Standing out from your competitors in search results is a must, or reach a particular audience in a particular location and/or time, then Google AdWords and Display Advertising are definitely worth the investment for your business. When paired with SEO content management, the results are unbeatable!

Video & Digital Content Production
When done right, video can drive results like no other form of digital content. We offer video creation and strategy, as well as a range of digital content production services that are tailored for your business.

SEO Content Management
Ensuring you have the right type of content online is key to maintaining a healthy SEO score for your website. We offer a full content management service that ensures all your website content is optimised for SEO.

Digital PR/Influencer Marketing
If you’re looking to gain higher levels of reach, engagement and brand exposure for a particular campaign or launch, digital PR and influencer marketing are the way to go. Pixel Cafe works with a variety of digital content partners and social influencers who have a strong online presence and following.