• 2/21/2017

Having strengths that make you unique and different from others, or a particular knack of doing something really well - this can be translated into someone being called an expert.

Our team at "Pixel Cafe" fall into that category with plenty of experience of working with interesting & unusual situations. 

Recently doing a shoot at a Bee farm up north required good composure when one of the little "Bees" thought it would be a good idea to sting me through my shirt whilst doing the shoot (even though I was well covered to protect myself). 

I could feel the sting happening, and the burning sensation. To make it worse was holding onto heavy, expensive equipment and also had six clients standing directly behind me very close, watching everything in silence.

It was an awkward situation, I felt the need to thrown everything to the ground, start swearing & ripping my shirt off would have been the right thing to do - but, it wasn't to happen that day.

Instead I had to turn and quietly say to the nearest person to me, "I think one of them is trying to sting me through my shirt" and pointed to the arm in question (sort of asking for assistance).

He looked at my shirt and said, "Oh yes he is" and started laughing.

It was an awesome day, with lovely people and a scarily large amount small fuzzy, buzzy critters - most importantly all the shots turned out great!