• 2/21/2017

If you’ve clicked to read this blog, then you’ve probably seen posts on your social media newsfeed about the new social networking platform called Vero.
Vero was created to give Facebook and Instagram a serious run for their money.
Unlike Facebook and Instagram, it give users a ‘cleaner’ newsfeed experience that’s more user-friendly. It’s ad-free and organised in chronological order (whereas Facebook and Instagram have algorithim-driven news feeds that are saturated with advertisements).
Vero is gaining a hefty amount of attraction from ‘digital influencers’ in particular, who have long since been complaining about Instagram’s ongoing trend of dropping engagement.

Does it have legs to stand on?
While it is currently #1 in the Social Networking category in the app store, only time will tell if Vero’s popularity will stick.

As you can imagine, Vero is one of many social networking apps that have been in line to take on Facebook and Instagram. Other apps that attempted to take the plunge included Ello, Mastodon, Peach and Saraha.

Interestingly, Vero actually launched back in 2015, but has gained traction over the past couple of weeks. This is due to a handful of high profile social media influencers spreading the word and generating media hype.

If you’ve seen the app, you would have noticed its uncanny resemblance to Instagram in terms of layout and design. I’ve heard it costs money, is that true?
Yep, it will cost money.

Vero says its first million users will get free access to the social networking app, but after the million have signed up they will introduce a subscription fee. There is no information on how much this fee will cost as yet.

The purpose of the subscription fee is to ensure the app can remain ad-free.