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Terry Munro has been crafting images since he picked up his first camera – a Box Brownie – at the age of 11.

Intrigued by the possibilities, he taught himself how to load film (remember that?) and began shooting. Before long he’d graduated to a 35mm Pentax and was experimenting with slow-exposure shots of aquariums and family pets. Portraits of cars and school friends followed, and then it was time to leave school and get a job.

Training as a colour stripper and photo lithographer, Terry learned the pre-press business in the days of filmwork and hot metal. When desktop publishing revolutionised the industry in late 1980s, he bought a Mac and retrained in Photoshop and Quark Express. Next, Terry expanded into graphic design with his own studio, and in 1998 he brought his first digital camera – a 2-megapixel Minolta DSLR. The cost: $6000!

Since then, equipment prices have plummeted while digital devices have taken over the world. With billions of smartphones snapping millions of pictures every hour, the market for professional photography has changed beyond all recogniton. So what makes Pixel Cafe a smart proposition for image-savvy companies in the 21st century?

Firstly, the company has its own fully equipped studios. Pixel Cafe can handle just about any assignment in-house, whether it’s a luxury car or an industrial catalogue, without the need to hire expensive studio space or specialised equipment. It means we can take the time to get it right in our own environment with everything at our fingertips.

Secondly, we know pixels inside-out. We’ll make sure your shots are fit-for-purpose, from the tiniest web banner to the glossiest, splashiest billboard. We can even clean-up and retouch existing photos if you need to re-purpose them for new applications.

Finally, we have the use of a unique piece of software. It’s called Terry Munro’s brain. With the benefit of decades in the photography and design business, Terry knows image creation like no one else. He understands deadlines and he knows how to deliver under pressure. When you need quality images, and you need to stick to your budget, that’s a huge advantage to have.

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About Us

Pixel Cafe offers 360° Spin photography, Retouching, Graphic design, Web optimisation and Digital Marketing to businesses that understand the power of a excellent copy and well-crafted images. From product photography to location shoots, no job is too big or small. With two fully equipped photographic studios and the latest equipment, we offer a cost-effective service. Your images will be pixel-perfect, optimised and supplied in the correct file formats for all online and print applications.

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